Dean Ryan

Dean Ryan joined the Ryans team in 2014. Dean was 18 years of age and apart from the dream to be an outstanding Australian rider Dean was way off the pace considering his age. 

2017 is going to be a big year for Dean. 3 years at Ryans has seen Dean go from a serious beginner to a respectable competition rider at official Medium level dressage competitions. During Dean's training he has been completely focused on the able bodied dressage arena however in reality Dean has 'Ricketts' which is an inherited bone disorder. This in no way interferes with Dean pulling a full days work with all the other able bodied riders based here at Ryans. Never the less there is no question that Dean more than qualifies for grading into para dressage competitions. This will not stop Dean from training against able-bodied dressage riders however it does mean that his rapid progress in the dressage arena is particularly significant with the 2020 Tokyo Para Olympics on the horizon. 


  • Jasper R is a 16.1hh bay 16 year old gelding by Jive Magic who has taken Dean from his first Preliminary dressage tests 3 years ago to his first Medium tests in 2017. Today Dean is scoring 63% or there abouts in official Medium tests and managing placings up to 2nd. Jasper R and Dean are schooling all the two-track work including shoulder in and half pass, canter pirouettes, tempi flying changes down to every third stride, and believe it or not some really fancy piaffe and passage. We would expect Dean and Jasper R to progress to Advanced level dressage before the end of 2017.
  • Frederico R is a 6 year old chestnut gelding standing 16.1hh by Fiji R out of a Jive Magic mare. This is a very fancy young horse and Dean bought him as a three year old. Initially we thought this horse was going to be too much for Dean and so Frederico R was campaigned primarily by Bree Tillitzki who did a magnificent job and pretty well won every single class she entered. We were then going to sell Frederico R but he did start to quieten down quite remarkably and Dean's riding has also been improving quite remarkably. Fortunately we decided to give Dean and Frederico R a go and although it wasn't an overnight success there is no doubt that today this is a very fancy competition partnership. Dean and Frederico R have won and placed at almost all of their Preliminary starts and they are about to have their first official Novice start. In the Preliminary classes Dean has on a couple of occasions beaten Heath and Dean did not understand that he should not go around telling everybody at the competition that he had beaten Heath. Dean very nearly had to walk home!