Ryans Horses

Here at Ryans we have a broodmare herd that is the product of over 30 years of Heath and Rozzies dedication to the best dressage and eventing bloodlines in the World. The import of European bloodlines began a little clumsily and over the years has become more refined to the point where we believe we have almost the best broodmare herd in the World in terms of dressage and eventing genetics. We are always working on staying on the edge in terms of genetics and have been importing stallions and using frozen semen to develop the bloodlines with the goal of producing the best dressage and eventing horses. 

Over the years horses produced by our breeding program have gone on to compete at World Championships and Olympics in eventing and dressage. We plan to keep that trend going and are aiming to produce horses that medal at these events. 

In working to achieve our goal and staying on the edge of genetics we are constantly selling broodmares as they have fillies that keep their line going. We have previously sold 10-15 year old mares who still have another 5-10 years of breeding left in them with great genetics. If you are interested in any of the mares here please feel free to get in contact

We are always selling horses so please contact us if you are interested in any of the horses listed on the website.